Semantic Statistics for Social, Behavioural, and Economic Sciences: Leveraging the DDI Model for the Linked Data Web

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  • Date: 2012-10-15
  • Location: Dagstuhl
  • Description: Workshop on creating Linked Data vocabularies for DDI related data. The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) has created XML schemas for describing the entire micro data (mainly from questionnaires in the social sciences) life cycle.
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  • Outcome: First specification of extension to SKOS, for representing classification hierarchies in RDF. Turtle file and skeleton draft for Linked Data vocabulary focusing on discovery aspect of DDI data.
  • DDI vocabulary:
  • XKOS vocabulary:
  • Other participants, e.g., Richard Cyganiak (DERI), Arofan Gregory (SDMX, DDI), Joachim Wackerow, Heiko Paulheim
  • Great group of very interesting people (statisticians, social scientists, computer scientists). Dagstuhl working atmosphere, even though no official Dagstuhl seminar but Leibniz institute workshop.
  • Micro-data from the social sciences may be interesting from a data integration point of view. Large amounts of heterogeneous data to be integrated with other statistics (e.g., from sensors). Much benefit in reuse and for analysis.