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Written by Alikali   
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 21:20


My profile

Who am I? I was born and brought up in Gambia. I have been living in the UK in the last 10 years and I lived in France for a year. I visited several European countries as well as United States of America and Senegal in Africa. As I had the chance to live in various multicultural societies in different parts of the world I am exposed to a diverse of culture.

What motivates me to be a professional life coach? I have the passion to support people to achieve their goals. I did assist many people resolved their difficult situations. I have always been a key negotiator and adviser among my family, friends, and colleagues at work to resolve their disputes or conflicts. In order to continue given supports to more people I became a life coach.

In my coaching relationship with clients I engage them in a non-judgemental conversation. I actively listen to them with the view to understand their situation. I don’t tell them what to do because they are the own experts in their world. Instead I use effective coaching tools to guide my clients to unlock their thinking when they feel stuck. I help them to recognise their full strengths when they have limiting beliefs. Guide them to thoroughly assess their goals and set action plans.

In the coaching process I aim to raise my clients’ self-awareness while they take their journey to a more fulfilling life. The people I support are empowered with new positive energy to move their goals forward.

My niches are family, relationship and work life. I can also support people in any areas of their life. Guide them to smoothly move from where they are now with their life to be where they really wanted to be.


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