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Written by Alikali   
Sunday, 09 November 2014 20:58

My Values and Beliefs

My mission is to open the doors of happiness for as many people as possible by assisting them to resolve any obstacle that may hinder them from being happy.

I believe that a peaceful mind is a mind that interprets the world positively and consequently feels happy.

Speak positively to yourself because this will motivate you as well as making you feel self-fulfilled.

The more you talk positively to yourself the more you will love yourself and the more your self-esteem will increase.

Contending with what you have achieved is the fertiliser for being a happy person.

Seek what you want to achieve and celebrate your achievements no matter how big or small that you have achieved at the time.

When you have achieved something it is not the time to moon for what you did not yet achieve instead it is the time to feel grateful for what you have achieved.

One may never celebrate an achievement if you always focus on what you did not yet achieve.

When you feel like a failure try to remember what you have already achieved in life because this will give you the energy to continue trying until you succeed.

Not been able to obtain something soon is not a failure because no one can get everything they want exactly when they want it, because time plays its role in what one will achieve as well as when it will be achieved.

To reach your destination you must have a clear direction and embark on the journey.

The feeling of hope for success will motivate you to take the necessary actions which will move your goal/s forward.

Let your goal/s be ethical and legal and do not give up the goal/s.


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